I am Can.

I have been through many different projects and technologies for the last seven years. During this process, the content created by the software community helped me a lot. Now I want to give back to the community by guiding new beginners into this world or by introducing some different topics to more experienced ones.

I am interested in giving some introduction to Python for beginners and also I will be talking about the technologies I used in the past. Like drones, ROS, single-board computers, image processing with OpenCV, a bit of GUI development with PyQT, maybe some 3D printing, and simple embedded development.

Also, there will be a couple of installation guides. They are mostly the notes I took for myself to set up my devices/servers. They make the installation process faster for me and I keep notes while installing for the next time. When I have some tested installation steps for different products, why not share them with the community also?

If there is anything wrong or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email: [email protected]

Thank you! 😎